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Our fresh juice gets in
your belly and makes you
happy and feel healthy!

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Our fresh juice gets in
your belly and makes you
happy and feel healthy!

We are a Manchester based Enterprise that educates and raises awareness around the benefits of a plant based way of life. We also produce damn fine, raw, cold pressed juice!

Three Steps to Juicing


Don’t binge before you start your fast. Try to prepare yourself a few weeks in advance by cutting out alcohol, animal products, caffeine, nicotine, refined sugar, refined starches & gluten. Drink lots of water, smoothies & herbal teas. Eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables and soups.


While fasting, drink your juices at regular intervals throughout the day. Stay hydrated by drinking at least 2L of water & as much herbal tea as you want, make sure that this is at least 40 mins before or after your juice though as the heat can kills the enzymes of the juice.


Don’t get back into your old eating habits. Easing out of your cleanse is just as important as easing into it! The best way to come off a juice fast is by eating the same foods you ate while preparing for it. Try to avoid shocking the body with heavy, hard to digest foods. We recommend light meals for at least 3 days after your cleanse.

From Our Blog

  • We spend a significant amount of our time at work and it clearly makes sense to promote health and wellbeing in the office. Introducing healthy and nutritional juices in the office will benefit everyone in a number of different ways. It’s far too easy to sit at your desk surrounded by coffee and cookies while trying to do your work, not to mention dashing out for a fast food lunch on the run. Poor diet and lack of exercise are some of the leading causes of sickness and absenteeism at work.

  • A cold-pressed juice cleanse isn't a crash diet. It heals, nourishes and regenerates your whole body, helping to release toxins and rid the body of built up waste.

  • It’s easy to fall into bad eating habits. Skipping breakfast, lunch on the run and trying to find time to cook something healthy for dinner often falls by the wayside in favour of fast food or anything that can be throw in the oven and eaten on the sofa with a glass of wine.